Past Governors of Jersey

The Oath of the Lieutenant Governor

Whereas it has pleased God to call you to the Office of Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Jersey and its castles. You swear and promise before God, that faithfully you will exercise that office, under our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, renouncing all alien superiorities, and will maintain her rights: you will maintain all the jurisdictions, privileges, prerogatives and authorities appertaining to Her Majesty; and you will do all within your power to protect and cause to be protected the Island and its castles, against the incursions and surprises of the enemy, and likewise all the liberties, rights, dignities, laws, customs and privileges of the Said Island, together with the well-being and advancement of the same; also you will use your powers in support of Her Majesty's Justice, to the end that it shall be respected and obeyed, and its sentences and ordinances duly executed, opposing all traitors, murderers, thieves, ruffians, mutineers and rebels, so that the Queen's Authority shall prevail; all of which you promise upon your conscience.



1590-1600 Anthony Poulet

1600-1603 Sir Walter Raleigh

1900-1904 Major General R. Abadie

1904-1910 Major General H. S. Gough

1910-1916 Major General A. M. Rochford

1916-1920 Major General Sir A. A. Wilson

1920-1924 Major General William Douglas Smith

1924-1929 Major General the hon. Sir Francis Bingham

1929-1934 Major General H. E. Willis

1934-1939 Major General Sir H. E. Martelli

1939-1940 Major General J. M. R. Harrison

1945-1953 Lieutenant General Sir Edward Grassett

1953-1958 Admiral Sir Gresham Nicholson

1958-1964 General Sir George Erksine

1964-1969 Vice Admiral Sir Michael Villiers

r1969-1974 Air Chief Marshall Sir John Davis

r1975-1979 General Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick

1980-1984 General Sir Peter Whitely

1985-1989 Admiral Sir William Pillar

1990-1995 Air Marshall Sir John Sutton

1996-2000 General Sir Michael Wilkes

2001-2006 Air Chief Marshall Sir John Cheshire

2006-     Lieutenant General Andrew Ridgway